Privacy Policy

We use Google Analytics to look at general reports of user behaviour on the website in order to improve our content and make it more relevant for our users. This may include anonymised, non personally-identifiable information about which pages on the website you visit, which device you are on, how you found the website and which anonymised Google-calculated demographics or interest categories you belong to. Your general user behaviour on this website and others in the Google Network may also be used to algorithmically add you to remarketing and interest-based advertising lists allowing us to serve you ads for our website that we believe may be of interest.

There is a range of options to control your privacy:

  • To opt out of Google’s remarketing lists and demographic and interest-based classification, visit Google’s Ad Settings page.
  • To opt out of your anonymous usage data being reported in Google Analytics, install Google’s official opt-out browser add-on
  • To remove yourself from a remarketing list, clear your browser cookies.

If you have any questions, please email us.