Privacy Policy


This website is operated by Choy Lee Fut Sydney Pty Ltd (ABN 44 601 787 044). For any enquiries please email [email protected].


If you submit a contact form, the website will email us the contents of each field you filled out.


If we embed a 3rd party widget on a page (eg. a YouTube video), for tracking purposes this is pretty much equivalent to you visiting that website directly.


Below are the types of services we use, in addition to necessary cookies that are needed to keep the website operational:

  • 1st party analytics: this means tracking your interactions with our website, for your current device/browser only, using Google Analytics and similar services. If you choose to identify yourself by filling out a form, your website behaviour may be tied to your form details.
  • Cross-site analytics: this means Google, Microsoft and Facebook trying to build up a profile of your browsing across websites, across multiple devices if they can. This helps us report on any ad campaigns we run and helps the ad networks optimise any ads we run to serve them to people more likely to convert. If you choose to identify yourself by filling out a form, we may pass your email address to these ad networks for this tracking. This email address will be hashed BEFORE it’s sent to the ad networks.
  • Creating ad audiences: this means your actions on this website (eg. visiting a certain page) might allow us to create an ad that targets all people who have also done this action on our website on Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
  • Heatmapping and session recording: this means saving people’s sessions in real-time for future playback. If this is enabled and you fill out a form field, this will NOT be included — nobody will be watching you type.
  • A/B testing and personalisation: this means changing the content of certain pages on this website (based on either a coin flip or your previous website engagement) to see if the new content performs better.